Exploring Posts - General Info

Exploring Posts - General Info
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Exploring Meetings Calendar


November 2012

2     Street Theatre Meeting

5     Vanderbilt Engineering First Night

6     Lipscomb Law Meeting

6     TSU College Studies First Night

6     Nashville Police Department Meeting

8     Vanderbilt Nursing Meeting

13   Metro Nashville Airport Authority First Night

13   Nashville Police Department Meeting

13   Vanderbilt Lab Sciences Meeting

15   Vanderbilt Law Meeting

15   Lipscomb Pharmacy Meeting

16   Belle Meade Plantation Archaeology Meeting

17   Street Theatre Meeting

19   Cosmetology First Night

20    HVAC First Night

20    Nashville Police Department Meeting

27    Nashville Police Department Meeting

27    Vanderbilt Lab Sciences Meeting

December 2012

3      Vanderbilt Engineering Meeting /Orientation session

3      Cosmetology Meeting

4       Lipscomb Law Meeting

4       Nashville Police Department Meeting

4       HVAC Meeting

4       TSU Education First Nighter

6       Vanderbilt Law Meeting

6        Lipscomb Pharmacy Meeting

11      Vanderbilt Lab Sciences

11      HVAC Meeting

11      Nashville Police Department Meeting

13      Vanderbilt Nursing Meeting

18      Nashville Police Department Meeting

20      Belle Meade Plantation Archaeology Meeting 

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If you have a question, comment, or suggestion, please e-mail: Ron Turpin

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