Adult Whitewater Training

Adult Whitewater Training
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Adult White Water Training - XX

MTC will conduct its 20th Adult Leader Whitewater Training Course on May 17-19 and June 1-2, 2013. This course is one component of the Council’s Whitewater Program that was established in 1994 to introduce whitewater canoeing and kayaking to Scouting. The program was designed to provide training programs for adult leaders and to offer whitewater equipment for rental to troops whose leaders had been through the training program. Since 1994 hundreds of adult leaders have attended the program. The May 17-19 session is conducted at the John Parish High Adventure Center at Boxwell. During this session, students will learn how to plan and conduct a safe whitewater trip. Time is spent on the lake learning strokes that are used in whitewater paddling. Students learn how to secure boats on trailers for safe transport.

The June 1-2 session is conducted on the Hiwassee River east of Cleveland, TN. The Hiwassee River is a beautiful, dam controlled class II river that is excellent for teaching. Students learn how to read whitewater, control their boat in whitewater and rescue not only themselves but others. The MTC Whitewater Program is one of the few in the country. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn an exciting sport that both Scouts and adults will enjoy.


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$50.00 per Participant

If you have a question, comment, or suggestion, please e-mail: Crystal Mayfield

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