2016 SR - 6 Conclave (cc#690)

2016 SR - 6 Conclave (cc#690)
Last Day To Register
4/10/2016 5:00 PM
629 Kia Kima Trail
Hardy, AR 72542, US
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The last date for registration has passed.

Welcome to online registration for the 2016 SR-6 Conclave.  Before you begin here are the items you should be aware of:

*Any discounts, late fees, additional costs will be reflected on the final payment page.

*Boy Scouts of America Medical Form is required for participation. Sections A and B must be completed! This form must be brought with you to Conclave, click here to download Medical Form.

MEDICAL NOTE: Kia Kima Reservation has select campsites with electricity for c-pap machines. If you want to guarantee you will stay in the same campsite with your Lodge please plan on bringing a battery.  All Arrowmen are encouraged to bring a tent.

*You will be asked to sign up for classes.  If you wish to register as a staff member or prefer not to attend classes please choose the option "Not attending classes"

All classes will be offered on Saturday morning of the Conclave. There are 5 areas of interest offered. The 4 Colleges offer each arrowman an opportunity to participate in an area of interest they choose. The Block Schedule provides an opportunity to select a more specialized in depth training for Youth and Adults.

For those arrowmen who earned a Bachelor's Degree in one of the Colleges last year can earn a Master's Degree in the same College or select another College to earn a Bachelor's in that respective College.

The Block Schedule provides an opportunity to select a more specialized in depth training for Youth and Adults.

College of Kichkinet: This college is suggested for the first year Conclave Arrowmen. This will explain what a Conclave is and what the OA has to offer in a fun way. You will earn a Bachelor's Degree in OA General Studies.

College of Allowat Sakima: This college is designed to help current or future lodge/chapter officers. Will earn a Bachelor's Degree in OA Management.

College of Nutiket: This college will offer all there is to know about Indian Lore. If you are interested in OA Ceremonies, Dancing, Drumming, or Native American artwork, this is college for you. Will earn a Bachelor's Degree in Ceremonies and Native American Activities. Please be aware that this college is seperated into three distint parts:  AIA, Ceremonies, and Workshops.  If you are competing in ceremonies, please indica attend this college to learn how to serve as an officer in the Order and the history of it. Will earn a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science.


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$51.00 per Participant
Early Discount
Before 3/1/2016 a discount of $5.00 will apply.
Late fee
After 4/1/2016 a fee of $10.00 will apply.
Cancellation Policy
All refund requests MUST be submitted in writing to the Middle Tennessee Council Service Center no later than 10 days BEFORE your scheduled arrival at camp. NO refunds will be considered after the 10 day mark! Any refund given will be less a $20 per participant cancellation fee. No refund checks will be processed until after the event. Exceptions will only be made for medical reasons with a signed doctor's note.

If you have a question, comment, or suggestion, please e-mail: Ron Turpin

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