Issue: June 2020

On March 1, 2020 the Middle Tennessee Council turned 100 years old. To help celebrate this milestone throughout the year, the Council is continuing to hold special events to mark this anniversary. Below is the list of dates with many activities and events to be held. To help keep you up-to-date on the year-long celebration we have developed a page on our website:

Date Activity/Event
June 2020 12 Point Scout Law Program
June 2020 Centennial Award
July 15-31, 2020 Service Project - FEED the NEED Food Drive
Monday, September 8, 2020 Relaunch Speaking Bureau begins
October 2-4, 2020

MTC Jamboree at Boxwell Reservation
Scout BSA/Venturing Jamboree Campfire Show
Middle Tennessee Council Museum
Reunion for: Silver Beaver/Wood Badge/ Eagle Scout/etc.

October 9-11; 16-18; 23-25 MTC Cub Scout Jamborees at Boxwell Scout Reservation
December 1, 2020 Distribution of MTC 100th Anniversary book begins
March 26-28, 2021 Area Camporee – Arrowhead
April 9-11, 2021 Area Camporee – Harpeth River
Sunday, April 25, 2021 Council Reception @ Lipscomb University
April 30 - May 2, 2021 Area Camporee – Boxwell
June 2021 Hold Day Camps with historical games and crafts
June/July 2021 100th Anniversary of Boxwell Scout Reservation


12 Point Scout Law Program

You may be asking how can my unit participate in the 100th Anniversary celebration of the Middle Tennessee Council? A special program has been developed to allow unit programing to focus on the 12 points of the Scout Law.

Units are encouraged to set aside time to focus on each point of the Scout Law. This can be done in the Dens, Packs, Patrols, Troops, Crews, or Ships. The Scouts decide how they will accomplish each point, and the unit will recognize them with the patch of the point they complete. This can be completed in any order; we just want every Scout to earn all 12 points of the Scout Law Patch Set. Scouts can complete specific requirements for each patch anytime between January 2020 and May 2021 and earn all 12! This program is determined by the leadership in the unit and can be awarded at any time.



Centennial Award

A way to get involved in the 100th Anniversary Celebration as a Scout or Volunteer is to participate in the Centennial Award.

Complete one or more of the following activities:

  • 100 Hours of Service (for community, church or Scout projects)
  • 100 Miles Hiking and/or Canoeing (can be different events)
  • 100 Commissioner Contacts (verified in Commissioner Tools)
  • 100 Hours Training Completed (as a participant/trainer – includes Woodbadge, NYLT, etc.)
  • 100 Days of Fitness (at least 30 minutes per day – does not have to be consecutive)
  • 100 Good Turns (items collected for Food Drive or Hours of Service.

Each person is responsible for keeping lists/records and documenting completion. We ask for all to be completed by May 1, 2021. This is a change due to meetings and activities being cancelled or postponed. Documentation is reviewed and approved by unit leader, unit committee chair, training course director, district training chair, district commissioner or council commissioner. You can earn the award more than once. After completing the activities, submit completed form to the Scout Shop. For a copy of the form, please visit or click here.


100th Anniversary Merchandise

100th Anniversary Council Merchandise is available. Make plans to stop by one of the Scout Shops and buy your very own 100th Anniversary Swag. If you are unable to visit our Scout Shop you may order your merch online. Click here to see the 100th Anniversary merchandise or to order online. This is a once in a lifetime event. Help us celebrate and promote this occasion with your very own 100th Anniversary Swag.


FEED the NEED Food Drive

The Middle Tennessee Council of the Boy Scouts of America is excited to coordinate a council - wide food collection drive in July 2020. Collected food will benefit the Second Harvest Food Bank and local food agencies across the Middle Tennessee area.

The need is critical! Food banks in Middle Tennessee have seen an increase in requests for food during the “Stay at Home” order. Food Banks have been able to currently meet the demand. However, during the “Stay at Home” order organizations have been unable to hold food drives. The amount of available food is getting critically low. That is where we as Scouts have been called to action. Let’s help FEED the NEED by holding local food drives in every community.

For more information and to register to participate visit our website:


Area Spring Camporees

Great News! The MTC will still be hosting three geographically located Camporees supported by local District leadership to celebrate the 100th Anniversary. These Camporees will be held in

2021 and each Camporee will have a traveling 100th Anniversary memorabilia display, and Scouts and Scouters will have the opportunity to use a branding iron and silkscreen on T-shirts.

  • March 26 - 28, 2021 Camporee – Camp Arrowhead
  • April 9 - 11, 2021 Camporee – TBD
  • April 30 - May 2, 2021 Camporee – Camp Boxwell

More information on these camporees will be available soon. Mark your calendar to attend one or all three camporees. All Camporees cost $20 per person.




MTC 100th Anniversary Jamboree

Lions, Tigers, Cubs and Webelos

Cub Scouts will celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Middle Tennessee Council on three weekends in October. These weekends are October 9-11; October 16-18; and October 23-25, choose one of these weekends to participate. 

***Please note these weekends are formally known as Cub and Family Weekends. Click here for more information.

Scouts BSA and Venturers

Scouts BSA and Venturers plan now to attend the Council Jamboree on October 2-4, 2020 at Boxwell Scout Reservation as we celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Middle Tennessee Council.

Scouts BSA and Venturers are invited to come join in the fun activities and the midway featuring displays and booths from the military, community groups and others. You will not want to miss the museum that will showcase historical documents, patches, videos, Scouting memorabilia, news articles and photographs that capture Scouting in the Middle Tennessee from 1920 -2020.

For the first time we will be conducting a Trade-o-ree! We have invited individuals from across the country to attend the Jamboree to trade with our members. The traders will bring patches and memorabilia from across the century and from other parts of the nation.

Scouts BSA and Venturers will enjoy an exciting fun packed arena show on Saturday evening at the amphitheater.

And…yes, there will be food vendors with hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, tacos, funnel cakes, soft drinks and ICEES. Mark your calendars to attend and join in the celebration of 100 years of camping in the Middle Tennessee Council!

Updated of Leader’s Guide and registration link coming soon.




Since 1920, Scouting in the Middle Tennessee Council has been shaping the lives of young people by instilling Scouting values and making them leaders of our communities.

Alumni and friends such as yourself have been a part of this journey, and YOU have made a mark on Scouting in the Middle Tennessee area. Now, we want to hear from you.

On Saturday, October 3, 2020, during the Council Camporee, we will hold alumni reunions. This will be a fun time to fellowship with other alumni and take a walk down memory lane. We ask you to provide us with your contact information so we can send you an invitation to attend this historical event. Please click here to provide us your contact information.

To be a part of the reunions, click here.



Commemorative Coffee Table Book

The Middle Tennessee Council will release a 100th Anniversary Coffee Table Book at the end of 2020, following a yearlong celebration of its first 100 years of Scouting in Middle Tennessee.

With a hardbound cover and 200 glossy pages of pictures and facts, the Coffee Table Book will be a collector’s item for those who have Scouting memories in Middle Tennessee for generations to come. This historical archive will retail at approximately $35 and will be available for a limited time by pre-order only.

If you have any photographs, items of interest or questions, please email Tracey Rodenbach at For more information click here.