2020 Memorial Day Flag Placement

2020 Memorial Day Flag Placement
Registration Begins
2/11/2020 5:00 PM
Last Day To Register
5/18/2020 11:55 PM
3414 Hillsboro Pike
Nashville, TN 37215, US
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The last date for registration has passed.


Most Events Saturday, May 23, 2020, Unless Otherwise Stated


The Middle Tennessee Council Boy Scouts of America invites and encourages you to take part in a special day of flag placement honoring those who served in our nation’s armed services and are now laid to rest. Many of these heroes gave their lives for our freedom while in active duty.

Please join us in placing flags on the graves of soldiers who so sacrificially served. Our veterans, both living and deceased, deserve our utmost respect and thanks for all they do, and have done to make this country what it is today.  This is a great way to show that appreciation.

Bring your Scout in full uniform and allow him or her to be part of a now almost fifty-year tradition with MTC.

Pre-registration WILL CLOSE at 11:55 PM on Monday, May 18th, 2020, and CANNOT reopen afterwards. This is the absolute furthest out that we can stretch pre-registration.

To receive a patch, your unit must pre-register on this website NO LATER THAN MONDAY, MAY 18, 2020.

PHOTO ALERT: Television, recording, and print media representatives may be on-site at any of the locations.  Please have uniforms looking their best! Also, please remember to remind everyone to be on their best, and most respectful, behavior.  This is not an outside play activity.

Please pre-register with your UNIT / as a UNIT, and not individually. If you need to add-to or otherwise change a pre-registration, please email Garrett Ladd at Garrett.Ladd@Scouting.org.

Specific cemetery contact information can be found below. If the cemetery you choose to serve is not listed, please check with your District Executive to see if those nearer to you will be participating this year. You may also email Garrett Ladd for more information. If your cemetery does not yet have a coordinator, the person will soon be added to this announcement. So please check back if you need.

Those serving at Nashville National, Stones River, Middle Tennessee Veterans, Flags of Remembrance, and Elmwood/Memorial must also check-in on-site at the cemetery with our MTC Cemetery Coordinator to verify your pre-registration patch and receive your garden assignments.

Please do not randomly proceed to the gardens and begin flag placement without first checking in. Should you do so, you will be taking away the opportunity for the children who are preassigned the work area to place flags. This is not the Scouting way.





Nashville National Cemetery            Arrival / Check-in                                           7:30 AM

1420 Gallatin Road South                 Opening Moment of Remembrance             8:00 AM

Madison, Tennessee 37115

BSA Cemetery Coordinator:              Gordon Cruse

                                                            (615) 569-0076



Please send only 1 Unit representative to check-in on-site at the Dining fly at the foot of the garden were THE ROSTRUM is located to confirm your patch count and receive your specific garden assignment.  The Rostrum is in the very back of the cemetery, at the top of the hill, and slightly to your left once you pass under the railroad bridge.


You and your unit are kindly asked to please remain at THE ROSTRUM for and during the Opening Ceremonies/Moment of Remembrance and not to proceed to the gardens until after the close of the ceremonies.  This is a wonderful opportunity for us to demonstrate to our children the importance of our participation in American traditions associated with giving respect to those who have served. We have a very special program planned. Your support of this teaching opportunity is greatly appreciated.


Logistically, the garden work assignments are pre-assigned based upon pre-registration numbers. Please attempt to be as accurate as possible. Please do your very best, for example, not to pre-register 30 people when you are confident only 10 will be present. When you over reserve, you are taking away from other Scouts the fair distribution of the opportunity to place flags.


Those units who do not pre-register by Monday, May 18th, will need to send their representative to the ‘Not Pre-Registered’ line for check-in, as opposed to their district designated check-in line.  Please be aware that the ‘Not Pre-Registered’ line will be considerably slower moving, will hold your group back in placing the flags, and may leave each child in your unit with a minimal number of flags to place.


Pre-registration with accurate numbers is highly recommended.


Please be considerate of all participants. When units randomly place flags without checking in and/or also not waiting for every unit to reach their ‘unit shared’ garden assigned area, they are taking away the opportunity for the assigned youth to participate in placing the flags. Doing so is not the Scouting way. Let’s be FRIENDLY, COURTEOUS, and KIND.


Please also be looking for a leader informational letter which will be sent to your email address after you pre-register.




Stones River National Battlefield Cemetery            Arrival/Check-in                    9:30 AM

(Recommended Cub Scouts)                                     Opening                                  10:00 AM

3501 Old Nashville Highway

Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37129

BSA Cemetery Coordinator:              Beth Hoover

                                                            (615) 391-5636



Please first send 1 Unit representative to check-in/register on-site with the BSA Cemetery Coordinator to confirm patch count. They will be at the same table as a National Park Service employee who will assign you a section to decorate.


Participants will park near the visitor center and are encouraged to arrive by 9:30 AM. The cemetery encourages participants to carpool. Some participants may have to park along the tour road and walk to the cemetery. Parking in the cemetery will be reserved for participants with accessibility needs. Please display your placard so the ranger at the gate can see it as you approach. No drop-offs will be permitted at the national cemetery entrance.





Middle Tennessee Veterans Cemetery/Pegram                  Arrival                         8:00 AM

7931 McCrory Lane                                                                Opening                      8:30 AM

Nashville, Tennessee 37221

BSA Cemetery Coordinator:              Raymond Straughan

                                                            (615) 512-2155



Please check-in/register on-site with BOTH our MTC-BSA Cemetery Coordinator to confirm patch count AND the cemetery volunteer coordinator or his representative to receive the flags. Their tables will be adjacent to one another.



(Please check back regularly for updates)




Black Fox

BSA Cemetery Coordinator:                          ___________________________




Additional information forthcoming.




            Ft. Donelson National Cemetery      Arrival                                     TBD

            174 National Cemetery Drive

            Dover, Tennessee 37058

            BSA Cemetery Coordinator:              ________________________




            Greenwood Cemetery                       Arrival                                     7:30 AM

            976 Greenwood Avenue                   Opening Ceremony               8:00 AM

            Clarksville, Tennessee 37040

            BSA Cemetery Coordinator:              ________________________




The entrance is just about at the confluence of Greenwood Ave, Edmondson Ferry Road, and Seven Mile Ferry Road.


Opening Ceremony will start at 8:00 AM. Parking across the street in the parking lot. Please do not park on the grass in the cemetery.



Resthaven Cemetery                         Arrival                                     7:00 AM

2930 Hwy 41A South (Madison St)

Clarksville, Tennessee 37043

BSA Cemetery Coordinator:              Paul Bennett

                                                            (931) 801-8531





David Crockett


Lawrenceburg Cemetery                   Arrival                                     TBD



Mimosa Cemetery                             Arrival                                     TBD

E Gaines Street

Lawrenceburg, TN 38464

BSA Cemetery Coordinator:              Terry Earl

                                                            (931) 629-7915




Please contact your local Veterans Office for flag placement info.  The local Lawrenceburg Veterans Office phone number is (931) 766-1583.


Duck River


Heritage Funeral Home & Cremation                       Arrival/Check-in                    10:30 AM

609 Bear Creek Pike                                       Flag Placement                       11:00 AM

Columbia, TN 38401                                      

BSA Cemetery Coordinator:                          Sam Buckner

                                                                        (931) 257-6275




Additional cemetery forthcoming.


Elk River

BSA Cemetery Coordinator:              Elaine Posanka

                                                            (931) 409-0628




Highland Rim


            Pleasant View UMC Cemetery                      Arrival                         TBD

            2621 Church Street

            Pleasant View, Tennessee 37146

            BSA Cemetery Coordinator:                          ____________





            Ever Rest Cemetery                                        Arrival                         TBD

            (a.k.a. Cheatham Memorial Gardens)         

            2376 TN-49

            Pleasant View, Tennessee 37146

            BSA Cemetery Coordinator:                          ____________




            Dickson Union Cemetery                               Arrival                         TBD

            200 E Ray Street

            Dickson, Tennessee 37055

            BSA Cemetery Coordinator:                          _____________





Upper Cumberland


Algood City Cemetery – Pack 170 is covering this year

E Wall Street

Cookeville, Tennessee 38506


Please contact your local Putnam County Veteran Service Officer, Mark Harris, for additional flag placement opportunities.  His telephone number is (931) 526-6230.




Walton Trail (Upper District – Lafayette Area)


BSA Cemetery Coordinator:              Amber Jetton

                                                            (615) 388-9534











Contact E-mail


Jet Potter Scout Service Center
3414 Hillsboro Pike * Nashville, TN 37215 * (P) 615-383-9724 * (F) 615-297-9916


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