2020 Elk River Cub Leader Training (CM-ACM C40 / DL-ADL C42 / PC C60)

2020 Elk River Cub Leader Training (CM-ACM C40 / DL-ADL C42 / PC C60)
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1/17/2020 11:55 PM
Fellowship for Christ Church 142 Richdale Lane
Shelbyville, TN 37160, US
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Why We Train Leaders

Every young person in the Scouting program needs and deserves a leader who understands the aims of the program and knows how to deliver it with enthusiasm and fun—in short, a trained leader. Because they understand their role, trained leaders have a positive influence on the lives of youth. How well we influence the lives of these youth depends on their leaders’ understanding of the program and their responsibilities.

Cub Scout Leader Position-Specific Training

Cub Scout Leader Position-Specific Training has been developed to give new leaders the knowledge and skills, as well as to generate the enthusiasm, that they need to be successful. The course is designed to provide Cub Scout leaders with the basic information they need to successfully carry out the duties of their position. The course is intended to be conducted in a group setting with space available to break out the group into the different leader positions.

The Cub Scout Leader Position-Specific Training course brings together all of the basics of Cub Scout leadership into one course, with separate mini-modules to deal with position-specific topics (den leader, Cubmaster, and pack committee and chair). It is made up of three modules.

The first module is a 90-minute introduction to Cub Scouting. All new leaders learn about the aims and methods of Cub Scouting, the pack structure, childhood development, uniforms, and advancement.

The second module consists of separate hour to hour and a half breakout sessions where den leaders, Cubmaster, and pack committee members and chairs will break into separate groups to focus on their specific positions. Den leaders will focus on earning the Bobcat rank, conducting a Cub Scout den meeting, resources they can use to help them conduct their meetings, den management, and denners and den chiefs. Cubmasters will focus on conducting a Cub Scout pack meeting, den management, and denners and den chiefs. And committee members will focus on conducting a Cub Scout pack committee meeting, pack finance, annual program planning, and annual charter renewal.

The third module is an hour-long session that brings all of the groups back together to learn about preparing families for outdoor programs, keeping Cub Scouting safe, Journey to Excellence, involving adults in Cub Scouting, and continuing their learning journey.

The course should take about three and a half to four hours to deliver. It may be offered in a single morning or evening session with a minimum of preparation necessary. It can be facilitated by unit, district, or council trainers.

The Syllabus

This syllabus provides the detailed information that trainers need to deliver the course, either through group sessions (including small groups) or by personal coaching. The syllabus is not meant to be read verbatim. Trainers should be familiar with the content and be able to present it without reading. Experienced trainers can use their own words but must be sure to cover the content and meet all the learning objectives of each session. Key to the success of this training is the interaction among participants. It is important for trainers to observe participants throughout the training (especially during the hands-on activities) to be sure they have learned the topic.

When the course is complete, training code C42 should be entered into the training record for den leaders and assistant den leaders, training code C40 should be entered into the training record for Cubmasters and assistant Cubmasters, and training code C60 should be entered into the training record for pack committee members and chairs. Den leaders who complete this course, have current Youth Protection training and have completed the online Hazardous Weather training are considered “trained” as a Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, or Webelos den leader. Den leader training is the same regardless of the type of den the den leader is serving.

Additionally, position-specific training for den leaders, Cubmasters, and the committee is available at the BSA Learn Center accessible through my.scouting.org for those who cannot attend group sessions or personal coaching opportunities.

For more information, contact Jason Day at 931-450-0568 or chiefday09@gmail.com; Derek Maness at 256-601-2078 or dmaness@mtcbsa.org.

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